Sunday, April 08, 2007

'Surge' Against the Democrats

The Corporate-Owned Media 'Surge' Against the Democrats

The 'surge' is on! And, how! During Mister Bush's latest hissy-fit passed off as press conference, he claimed that HIS surge -- the one in Iraq -- was only 40 percent operational. That could be true, but it wouldn't be wise for anyone to bet their child's life on anything George W. Bush says. After all, there is no proof whatsoever that the man has ever uttered a truthful word in the past six-years. Besides, since Mister Bush's 'surge' began, regardless of operational proportionality, more Iraqi civilians have been killed than before it started...not hardly a success, is it?

No, Mister Bush's 'surge' isn't exactly building toward a tsunami of achievement, but the corporate-owned media 'surge' against the Democrats is certainly building toward a Hurricane Katrina-like destructive force.

Goodness gracious! The corporate-owned press has been banging on Pelosi's visit to Syria, like a Republican evangelical preacher locked in a love embrace with a gay male prostitute. The press has pounded away, verbatim, on the White House's Pelosi talking points...only grudgingly and belatedly bothering to mention that the Bush administration had helped arrange a Syrian visit by Congressional Republicans.

Actually, it wasn't the Republican-shilling corporate-owned media that reported the truth regarding the White House playing travel agent for the Republican visit to Syria, but the tiny Lancaster, Pennsylvania Intelligencer Journal did:

"Gabe Neville, [Republican Congressman] Pitts' chief of staff, said Monday the conference between Assad and the three Republicans was intended to be 'low profile...It was done in cooperation with the administration,' he said."

But the corporate-owned press' Pelosi political gangbang isn't the only front in their 'surge' against Democrats.

The administration and the corporate-owned media have decided to try and resurrect Mister Bush's dead Presidency. They have seemingly colluded and concluded that George W. Bush can drive up his poll numbers, as Clinton had in the 90's, by confronting Congress. They keep telling the people over and again, that the parallels between Mister Bush's current troubles and President Clinton's are 'remarkable'. Only, that is a completely false narrative.

In the 90's, people were upset at Clinton's policies and because of that his poll numbers suffered. Loony Newt Gingrich tried to exploit Clinton's poor political standing by forcing a governmental shut-down. President Clinton called his bluff and the American people saw through Gingrich's blatantly partisan motivations and punished the Republicans accordingly. Regardless of how much the corporate-owned press tries to spin it, Mister Bush's political situation is nothing like President Clintons.

The biggest difference -- the only difference that matters -- is that on a very visceral level, the American people distrust and dislike George W. Bush. They see in him an extremely corrupted man, who has lied to them one too many times. In a very real sense, Mister Bush makes a vast majority of the peoples' skin crawl. The American people NEVER felt that way toward President Clinton (extremist evangelical Tom DeLay-loving Republicans excluded). And despite the corporate-owned presses best efforts, there is a huge difference between being upset at a President over his policies and having a President who makes the peoples' skin crawl.

In the corporate-owned media mind, however, Mister Bush's problem isn't that he is deeply distrusted and disliked...only that he needs to turn around the failed Iraq War. The corporate-owned press' narrative goes like this: If George W. Bush turns around the war, his Presidency is saved. And to that end, they've made themselves busy almost ignoring Iraq entirely.

A recent review revealed that ABC and NBC evening news programs spent 14 minutes per-week reporting on the Iraq War and CBS dedicated only four minutes. Yet, official government reports showed Iraqi civilian deaths had increased by 13 percent in March. An interesting, but very real part of the corporate-owned media 'surge' strategy appears to be not reporting what is actually happening in Iraq. Contrary to Crazy Train McCain's claims, it isn't that the press isn't reporting "the good news" coming out of Iraq; since Mister Bush's 'surge' has started, they've simply decided to ignore the war completely. Out of site, out of the American peoples' minds...don't tell the people that since the 'surge' began things have only gotten worse and, perhaps, they'll think it's going well and approve of Mister Bush's Presidency.

That's the corporate-owned media narrative anyway, but it is as fictional as were the reasons George W. Bush gave for invading Iraq in the first place. Mister Bush's problems aren't the war's status and his policies...his problems are that the American people really don't like him as a person and they trust him even less. But the corporate-owned press will continue to ignore those inconvenient facts, while continuing to implement their 'surge' against the Democrats.

Should anyone doubt the reality of this corporate-owned media 'surge' against the Democrats, consider Mister Bush's latest Rose Garden press conference. For the third or fourth time in the past two weeks, George W. Bush promised to veto the Democratic Congress' war-funding bill. The press spun it as a great victory for Mister Bush. He was 'decisive' and 'threw down the gauntlet' against the Democrats. But it isn't so much how the corporate-owned media spun the White House talking points that highlight the depths of their 'surge' against the Democrats, it is the fact that they pretended his regurgitated veto threat was newsworthy and covered it, AGAIN.

Make no mistake about it...the corporate-owned media 'surge' against the Democrats is on. And, how!


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