Monday, March 05, 2007

Civil Rights Cold Cases

A message from: The Southern Poverty Law Center
Southern Poverty Law Center
Dear Friend,
As you might have seen in the news, I appeared at a press conference last week with the attorney general of the United States and the FBI director to announce a renewed federal effort to track down the murderers responsible for civil rights era slayings.
We were invited to participate because we've been at the forefront of the effort to achieve justice in these cases. The Civil Rights Memorial we dedicated in 1989 to honor the martyrs of the civil rights movement sparked renewed interest in the killings that went unpunished during that era. Since the dedication, authorities in seven states have re-examined 29 killings and made 27 arrests, leading to 22 convictions.
Last month, we asked the FBI to investigate 76 additional cases involving people we suspect may have lost their lives to racial violence during the civil rights era. We're gratified that the FBI is responding.
We're also gratified that friends like you are standing with us. With your help, we'll continue fighting against hate and discrimination until, as Dr. King said, "justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream."
Richard Cohen photo
Sincerely yours,
Richard Cohen
Richard Cohen, CEO and President


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