Saturday, August 16, 2008

John McCain's Boys

That is a picture of a bunch of criminals and a

John McCain fundraiser on a boondoggle golfing trip to Scotland.
On the left is infamous con-man Jack Abramoff who plead guilty to a variety of charges including conspiracy to bribe public officials. He is now serving a five-year sentence related to those charges.
Who are the public officials Abramoff was bribing? Well, one willing bribe-taker is pictured on the right, former Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH). Ney is lucky enough to walk out of jail this morning after serving 17 months of his 30 month sentence.
To the left of Ney is David Safavian, who has similar charges pending in an appeal.
And besides the unlucky "golf organizer" standing in the back, Jason Murdoch, the last person surrounded by these nefarious golfers is Ralph Reed, who is raising money for John McCain. Reed escaped the law but his name is more than tainted. He lost the Republican primary for Georgia Lt. Governor in 2006 and has been exposed as a hypocrite for taking money from casinos after previously referring to gambling as "a cancer."
Representative Henry Waxman, Chair of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, had this to say this morning:
John McCain's decision to raise money from one of the key figures in the Jack Abramoff scandal - one of Abramoff's conspirators in a money laundering scheme -- is a very disappointing example of John McCain abandoning his principles on the campaign trail. He claimed to be a reformer? Well, reformer no more.
With Bob Ney being released from prison, how long before Senator McCain asks him to host a fundraiser also?

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