Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Obama for America A New Foundation for Growth — Call Your Representatives

Veterans of the will surely recognize the big red button at the bottom of this post: Make Calls. This time however, we're not asking you to call voters -- we're asking you to call your representatives in Congress. We need you to let them know that you support the commitment that President Obama made to health care, education and renewable energy in his recent budget outline, and we need you to ask them to support the President's plan as well.

Here's a sample script that you can use for your calls:

Hello, my name is __________ and I'm calling you from __________ (city or town).

I'm calling today because we are in the grips of the worst economic crisis in generations — and President Obama needs the support of every member of Congress to create jobs, fix our economy and rebuild and renew America.

The President has proposed a budget that is honest, responsible and invests in the priorities we need to get our economy moving again and create jobs now and in the future, including:

  • Renewable energy to reduce our dependence on foreign sources of oil
  • Making Health Care more affordable for every American by cutting costs
  • Improving education so our children are prepared for the jobs of the 21st Century

Can I count on Rep./Sen. _________ to support the President's plan?

Once you've finished, be sure to record the results of your calls. And feel free to also let everyone know how your calls went in the comments below. . .

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