Monday, May 29, 2017

Powerfully Persuasive Presentation

1. Start backwards

When it comes to putting together presentations that convert, most people start with the first thing they are going to say or with the opening slide. This can work against you – BIG time.
You want to think about the action you want your audience or listeners to take after watching your presentation. It could be enrolling, opting in to your list or even scheduling an appointment.
When you reverse engineer what you want to have happen, then everything in your presentation can work in alignment, towards this goal, instantly making you more persuasive.

2. Make an irresistible offer

Every great presentation should challenge the audience to actually do something. There’s a saying, “Without action, words are meaningless.”
Without action, words are meaningless.CLICK TO TWEET
When it comes to presentations, this is especially true. You should call your audience to take action on what you’ve presented them. This is a lot easier when you have something irresistible to offer them.
When presenting your irresistible offer keep in mind speaking the benefits that excite the audience. Instead of saying that you have a 379 page workbook or 23 hours of video, consider saying you have a Wealth & Freedom Action Guide or the Rapid Results Growth Video Series.
Which would you rather have?

3. Stories sell and facts tell

You’ve likely sat through a boring presentation or been “power pointed” to death at least once in your lifetime. Don’t be that guy.
Instead, engage your audience by telling stories of success. First, start by showing them how you’ve turned things around in your life. Be sure to reveal the struggle and the turning point or secret discovery that made all the difference. Remember everyone loves an underdog.
Finally, be sure to share success stories of others. No one likes to hear someone brag about themselves so be sure to keep ‘em excited by talking about people you’ve helped or others that share a story, similar to yours.
What’s really working nowadays, are case studies delivering true value such as how-to, step-by-step information, lifestyle transformation and relevant statistics.
BONUS Tip: Watch a great Hollywood movie such as Harry Potter, Star Wars or Lord of the Rings for a winning structure of how to tell your story.
When it comes to having your own profitable presentations, be sure to follow these three powerful strategies. You’ll never look at presentations the same.

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