Sunday, November 04, 2007

365 Day Till The Election

One year out from the 2008 election, Americans are deeply pessimistic and eager for a change in direction from the agenda and priorities of President Bush, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Concern about the economy, the war in Iraq and growing dissatisfaction with the political environment in Washington all contribute to the lowest public assessment of the direction of the country in more than a decade. Just 24 percent think the nation is on the right track, and three-quarters said they want the next president to chart a course that is different than that pursued by Bush.

There's about one year to go before we elect a new president of the United States, and it just can't come soon enough. With the Republican candidates offering up four more years of Bush's policies at home and in Iraq, we can't be content with watching from the sidelines.

That's why the "One Year Out" events were so important, and they were a huge success by any measure. Thousands of grassroots activists gathered in more hundreds and hundreds of homes across the country to launch the new National Neighborhood Leader program. We unveiled our plan for victory next year, which means utilizing technology and the Internet for mass organizing in neighborhoods all across America. We understand that nobody is better able to reach out than the people who live next door who best know and care about the same local issues.

So after learning the strategy, you took to the streets and spoke in your community. And all of us, collectively, did it all across the country as part of the 50-State Strategy that led to massive gains in 2006.

For 2008, it all began today. From now until election day, you can be sure we'll call on you to step up once again.

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