Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tell Secretary Rice: Stop Military Aid to Musharraf

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Pakistan is on the brink of chaos. An unpopular president with close ties to the Bush administration has imposed martial law, sacked the Supreme Court and shut down the media. And now General Musharraf is abusing the threat of terrorism to throw thousands of moderate democratic opposition leaders in prison.
With the imposition of martial law, elections planned for January 2008 have been indefinitely postponed. These elections must be held on schedule and they should be free and fair -- with opposition leaders freed, the constitution restored and the election independently overseen. The General depends on foreign military aid and international recognition.
The United States is currently sending approximately $1 billion per year to the Musharraf regime for military assistance; unfortunately General Musharraf seems to have largely called off the hunt for Al Qaeda in Pakistan.
We must condemn General Musharraf's crackdown and suspend military aid to Pakistan until the constitution is restored, and free and fair elections are ensured. Send a fax to Secretary of State Rice, with an emailed copy to President Bush in the White House, asking them to cut off funding to the Pakistani regime until democarcy is restored.
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