Sunday, January 27, 2008

Re: Time to Vote: Florida's Vote Matters and It Will Count

Go tell that to Obama, who has said repeatedly that Florida does not count and is "a much a do to about nothing"
Ron Mills

State Senator Jeremy Ring <> wrote:
Issue 3:  January 27, 2008
Dear Friends and Neighbors,
On Tuesday January 29th the state of Florida will hold its 2008 Presidential primaries. Floridians will have the opportunity to exercise that most fundamental right we have as Americans and have our voices heard locally, statewide and nationally. A great deal of debate has led up to this Florida primary as to whether the votes cast will count towards the two national parties delegate selections or even if our delegates will be seated at the nominating conventions. Well let me assure you, your vote will count and will definitely matter as we choose our nominees for President. 
As I campaigned for the Florida State Senate, I was approached by thousands of voters concerned with Florida's Insurance crisis. Overwhelming increases in premiums, unpaid claims and cancelled policies was beyond distressing. As I studied the issue in great depth, I realized this was a crisis that existed nationally and the problem was far greater in scope than could be addressed by Florida alone. What Floridians, and the nation needed was a National Catastrophic Insurance Fund to lower premiums by addressing issues as wide ranging as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes,  blizzards, droughts, fires, terrorist attacks,  or epidemics.
The question was how to get Washington to recognize the importance of a national fund. The answer was to make certain our next President made this a priority. Moving Florida's primary forward to January 29th led major candidates in both parties to immediately support and endorse a National Catastrophic Fund. Previously the Florida primary was held later in the spring, denying Floridians the chance to have the major candidates campaigning on relevant state issues. An early primary assures the voices of Floridians will be heard.  
Candidates campaigned in Iowa and New Hampshire on issues critical to voters of those states. Floridians deserve the same. Although the democratic candidates have not campaigned in Florida, the issues have been debated. For republicans, who have vigorously campaigned, Florida is the biggest test yet. 
In spite of the infighting in the political parties as to what will count and what won't, who will be seated and who won't, we are having this election. Senators Nelson and Martinez have been doing ads together encouraging voters to come out. The national media, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc… are covering the Florida vote as closely as any other state. Some candidates have been camped here for weeks in hopes of doing well in our primary and propelling their campaigns into Super Tuesday February 5th when 22 states including California, New York and New Jersey will vote. Analysts believe the winners in Florida will receive a major bounce as they head into those contests and many, many voters believe it also. In fact, as I write this report, more than 40,000 Broward residents have already voted early. Those numbers are nearly 400,000 statewide and that doesn't include absentee voters. Experts believe as many as 2 million voters will have made their voices heard by Tuesday night. Furthermore, Florida's population represents a larger and more diverse group than has voted anywhere else to date, and a population that more closely represents America than one would find in Iowa, New Hampshire, or the other early primary states. In other words: we matter. The candidates think this election matters, the news media thinks this election matters, and millions of our friends and neighbors think this election matters. So please don't be left out, come out and vote, it does matter and it will count.

Political Advertisement Paid for and Approved by Jeremy Ring, Democrat, for State Senate.

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