Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ron Paul May Win Nevada

Polling accurately in Nevada is tough to do, and ARG has Ron Paul in fifth place (9%) while Research 2000 has him in sixth (6%). But the Associated Press says the Paulistas just might strike it rich in Vegas:
Republican candidates have stayed away from the diverse electorate and unfamiliar electoral landscape as Nevada voters weigh in earlier than ever before.
No major GOP candidate has set foot in the state for two months, and some Republicans are bracing for a possible surprise first-place showing by long-shot Texas Rep. Ron Paul, the only Republican to broadcast TV ads in Nevada.
He beat Rudy Giuliani like a drum in Michigan. And the Michigan GOP thinks McCain won. The party is in complete disarray, with a pack of flawed candidates and no clear winner emerging. It's hard to imagine anything making the GOP presidential race any more chaotic, disorganized and comical than it is, but a Paul victory in Nevada could do it.
It's a long shot, but I'm pulling for him.
(h/t TPM)

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