Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Thompson's Last Stand

Former Senator Fred Thompson (R-Tennessee) provides an important lesson in effective campaign messaging.
Sen. Thompson is relying on a strong showing in South Carolina to propel his candidacy to the White House. CNN reported this afternoon that the Thompson campaign is joking about South Carolina as "Custer's last stand."
Of course, General Armstrong Custer was defeated and killed in the Battle of Little Bighorn.
Apparently, Sen. Thompson didn't learn anything from the opening scene in Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. Sen. Thompson either doesn't know history, doesn't want to stick around in the race, or both. (To be fair, Sen. Thompson has a history of remembering the facts wrong, or not at all.)

They Never Learn, Do They?

Giuliani's New York canvassers are trolling Red Sox Nation in Yankees garb, in advance of the primary:
Some Rudy Giuliani volunteers bused here from New York City struck out as they went door to door in advance of Tuesday's Granite State primary while wearing caps or jackets of the hated New York Yankees.
"Some people really don't think," said a person with knowledge of the situation.
"You're in the middle of Red Sox Nation wearing stuff from their enemy. It's absolutely ridiculous.

Ron Paul to Cross Picket Line... Again

Republican presidential candidates are jumping ahead of one another to cross the picket line of workers who have public opinion handily on their side. First, it was Mike Huckabee, who said he didn't realize that he was going to be crossing the line.
Up next, Ron Paul, who will appear on the Tonight Show this evening.
As ThinkProgress points out, this isn't the first picket line that Ron Paul has crossed. In December, Paul appeared on The View -- despite the striking writers. He later said that he "doesn't care about the unions or the pickets."

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