Wednesday, December 05, 2007

About Ron Paul

Here is what some progressives are saying about Ron Paul. 
Ron Paul is not a conservative? Ron Paul is more liberal on civil rights than many liberals? Really? Ok, here's what I got on him:
  • Ron Paul is for the government making health care decisions for pregnant women. Says who? Says Ron Paul.
  • Ron Paul is for says illegal immigrants shouldn't even get taxpayer funded medical care when needed. Oh and guess what? If Ron Paul had his way, children born IN THE UNITED STATES to illegal immigrants would NOT be American citizens. He wants to end birthright citizenship. Check it out, hot off his own campaign website.
  • While he opposed the Federal Marriage Amendment, he is a key supporter of Defense of Marriage Act, and the chief sponsor of a legislation that would remove from federal courts the jurisdiction to even decide if DOMA is Constitutional.
  • Ron Paul was one of the only 33 members of Congress to vote against the renewal of the Voting Rights Act in 2006, and believes 1964 Civil Rights Act violates the Constituton.
  • According to Ron Paul, the separation between Church and State has "no basis in the Constitution..." As the title of that article BY RON PAUL indicates, he also believes there is a "war on religion" in America.
How about that for being so good on the issues?  Let's keep going
  • Ron Paul opposes the Kyoto treaty.
  • Ron Paul believes all tax cuts are good.
  • Ron Paul would drain out social security by cutting the money collected on social security taxes, so that "young people can invest" it elsewhere.
  • Ron Paul wants to repeal the Brady bill, introduced legislation to repeal the assault weapons ban even before it expired in 2004, thinks you should be able to carry handguns on national parks, and end our membership in the Untied Nations, because the UN somehow wants to get your guns. All laid out on his website for you.
  • Ron Paul believes parents ought to be able to home school their kids and that those kids should get diplomas without ever having to adhere to pretty much any public standards.
Please. Ron Paul is a conservative through and through. The thing you can say about him is he is an old style conservative. He truly hates government, and he is not dishonest about his conservatism, and he is no neo-con. But he's a conservative, period.

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