Thursday, December 06, 2007

Dept. Of Homeland Security A Disaster

Citizens for Responsibility an Ethics in Washington has catalogued and quantified many of DHS's missteps and launched a new Web site -- -- to coincide with the agency's fifth anniversary.
The site includes CREW's 67-page report on DHS along with a video produced by Robert Greenwald and the BraveNew Foundation tracing DHS's evolution.
"Let the cronyism begin," says a caption beneath footage of Tom Ridge's appointment as first DHS secretary.
The video and report document the apparent revolving door between DHS and private contractors and lobbying firms that benefitted from homeland security contracts, and they demonstrate the consequences of nominating unqualified political loyalists -- like disgraced FEMA head Michael Brown -- to vital positions.
In its report, CREW documents billions of dollars in taxpayer money that was lost on poorly conceived or never-implemented DHS programs, including $1.3 billion on an immigration program aimed at tracking people coming to and leaving the US. The program "has never worked as Congress intended," CREW alleges, naming US-VISIT the top "Failed Program" in its report.
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