Friday, December 07, 2007

Huckabee Sinking Like A Rock

Mike Huckabee not only is a wacko Creationist and a fundamentalist Baptist minister with a folksy manner, but he's also an opportunist and liar.

First of all, he denied this week that he is being advised by the scumbag Dick Morris, just after a Huckabee staffer confirmed that Huckabee talks with Morris on political strategy regularly.

But more importantly, Huckabee has his own Willie Horton problem.

It's one of those complicated swampy Arkansas affairs, so we'll just give you the BuzzFlash take on it based on our reading over the years: as governor, Huckabee paroled a convicted rapist, Wayne DuMond, who shortly thereafter went on to kill two young women after raping them.

Although Huckabee disputes it, it appears that Huckabee was caving in to a rabid contingent of anti-Clinton whackos. This group of nutcases ran a campaign claiming that DuMond was framed by Bill Clinton because the first woman that he raped -- and was serving time for -- was a distant relative of Clinton's. Without getting into the quicksand of details, the nutty defense of a convicted rapist was as flawed as it was bizarre to watch right-wingers champion a hardcore sexual criminal.

The best and most exhaustive account of Huckabee's personal role in appeasing the Clinton haters by paroling DuMond can be found in a Murray Waas article printed in the Arkansas Times in 2002.

Of course, as self-righteous and self-described "Men of God" often do, Huckabee claims to be appalled by anyone thinking that he would release a rapist for political gain.

Well, the mothers of the girls subsequently slain by DuMond have a response for Mike in an article entitled, "Murdered women's mothers blame Huckabee for his part in killer's release":
The mothers say Huckabee is responsible, at least in part, for the release of DuMond, who died in a Missouri prison in 2005.

" What a fool," Lois Davidson, (Carol) Shields' mother, said of Huckabee. "Thinking he could rule the country when he couldn't even do a good job as governor of Arkansas."

Janet Williams, (Sara) Andrasek's mother, said: "Wayne DuMond should have never been on the streets in Missouri. … When politics are involved, people get hurt, and Sara and Carol Shields paid the ultimate price with their lives."

Davidson and Williams said they're particularly angry because Huckabee has never called them to apologize or explain his part in the DuMond case.
Huckabee, like Bush, deals with his disastrous decision by blaming others -- in this case the Arkansas parole board -- and expressing compassion for the families of the victims, but -- also like Bush -- not accepting an iota of responsibility for his actions.

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