Monday, June 04, 2007

Message From Eric Alterman

When I was just a baby, my mother told me, "Son, always be a good boy. Don't ever play with guns ..."
You may have already read somewhere that I was briefly arrested last night in the "spin room" at the Democrats' debate in New Hampshire. It's a bizarre story, and only slightly less bizarre was the degree of interest it generated. CNN ran an early, incomplete version of the story on their "ticker" to which Matt Drudge linked, and the next thing I knew, it seemed to be everywhere. I had already been released by the police and was back in my hotel room trying to watch The Sopranos -- I had given up trying to write about the debate -- when I went online and saw the story and spent the next couple of hours trying to keep up with it -- the most important parts being getting the CNN producer on the phone to explain it from my end and then accepting Duncan Black's generous offer to print my version of events on Atrios.
Anyway, I can't really say much more about it now, because I still need to try and work it out with the authorities so that it doesn't mess up my life any more than it already has. The version I sent Duncan, and also Josh Marshall, Instapundit, Jeralyn, Matt Yglesias, and others -- thanks to all -- is also up here at HuffPo.
The only larger point I want to draw right now is that all privileged people, particularly journalists, should be arrested at least once, preferably with handcuffs. It's just amazing to me how powerful police can be and how powerless you can be in the split second it takes an officer to make the decision that you have broken a law. This point does not reflect on how I was treated at the police station, which was with the utmost courtesy and politeness, but the fact that I was there at all is still amazing to me, given the circumstances.
We'll be launching the defense committee tonight on Chris Matthews ...

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