Sunday, June 03, 2007

Today's News 06-03-07

Failed Presidents Ain't What They Used to Be

Frank Rich - New Deal News - Jun 3rd, 2007
Voters just can't wait for Mr. Bush to leave Washington so that someone, anyone, can turn the page and start rectifying the damage ...more

While More Dead Soldiers Come Home, Congress Goes on Vacation

Joseph L. Galloway - McClatchy - Jun 3rd, 2007
In the end they caved and gave Bush exactly what he wanted - another $100 billion or so to carry on the killing and dying ...more

The Emperor's Pretended Green Clothes

Marc Pitzke - Der Spiegel - Jun 3rd, 2007
Bush wants to take the high ground in the news cycle before heading to Europe and looking like a global warming black sheep again ...more

The US's Disastrous Israeli-Palestinian Course

Marda Dunsky - Chicago Tribune - Jun 3rd, 2007
The continuing injustice that the Israeli occupation has brought on the Palestinians has served as a focal point for resentment toward the U.S. ...more

Reinventing the Middle Ages and Calling it Liberal Intervention

Simon Jenkins - Times-UK - Jun 3rd, 2007
The "global war on terror" elevated random bands of criminals to the status of glorious warriors ...more

Angry Shareholders Congront QWest Executive Pay Greed

Sam Pizzigati - AlterNet - Jun 3rd, 2007
A school teacher asked the CEO, if he'd be willing to plow $10 million from his pay to restore full life insurance coverage for retirees ...more

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