Thursday, June 07, 2007

Today's News 06-07-07

Watching the Watchers: America's Mess in Potamia

New Deal News - Jun 7th, 2007
Only one of these knuckleheads would say that attacking Iran -- indeed even threatening to nuke Iran -- is not the right strategy ...more

The Pentagon's Blank Check

Robert Dreyfuss - Mother Jones - Jun 7th, 2007
The budgets for the Pentagon and the intelligence agencies are increasing with no end in sight. The Democrats aren't complaining ...more

Libby Gladly Plays the Patsy

Marcy Wheeler - The Guardian-UK - Jun 7th, 2007
The disgraced Cheney aide made no statement of remorse at his sentencing - because he's not sorry ...more

Then the Republican Party Came to a Crashing Halt

The (Liberal) Girl Next Door - Jun 7th, 2007
The main objective of this administration has been to increase profits of the biggest corporations and the wealth of the richest Americans ...more

Jefferson Should Go

Billy Sothern - The Nation - Jun 7th, 2007
Battered by misfortune and a long history of official corruption, New Orleans suffered another blow with the indictment of Jefferson ...more

Kids, Think Twice Before Signing Up for the Military

Peter Barick - The Daily Chronicle - Jun 7th, 2007
'Stop loss' is something Bush gave the military after 9/11, and it has been upheld by the courts. Thinking about military service? Think twice ...more

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