Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Today's News 06-06-07

Watching the Watchers: Kristol's Hysteria

New Deal News - Jun 6th, 2007
In his article William Kristol mentioned Iran and Syria 17 times and al Qaeda on four occasions - - he was writing about Iraq ...more

Seeking President Smarty-Pants

Eugene Robinson - The Argus - Jun 6th, 2007
I want a president - and it's amazing I have to put this on my list - smart enough to know Darwin was right ...more

Libby Sentence: Truth Matters

David Corn - The Nation - Jun 6th, 2007
'When law enforcement officials...initiate an is the obligation of the American citizenry to be honest and forthright' ...more

Fred Thompson, Scooter Libby's Cheerleader

John Nichols - The Capital Times - Jun 6th, 2007
Thompson is preparing to seek the presidency as the standard-bearer of the wing of the Republican Party that turns a blind eye to official misconduct ...more

Bushed Army

Andrew J. Bacevich - American Conservative - Jun 6th, 2007
Rather than delivering help, tthe Bush administration has since subjected the Armed Forces of the United States to sustained abuse ...more

Israel's Lost 40 Years

Meir Shalev - LA Times - Jun 6th, 2007
Since the Six-Day War, the country's future has been consumed by the problems of the occupation ...more

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