Monday, October 01, 2007

Can Hillary Clinton win?

 'Can Hillary Clinton win?' That is one of the most common questions in American politics these days," veteran election tracker and analyst Charlie Cook wrote last week in his Cook Report. Mrs. Clinton "is widely derided as 'too polarizing,' " he said.

In the final analysis, Mr. Cook thinks she can win, even against a candidate like Rudolph Giuliani who has political crossover appeal in the Democratic blue states that Mrs. Clinton must carry to win.
In an anti-incumbent, anti-Republican, wartime environment, Mrs. Clinton remains a formidable candidate. "Which of the states carried by John Kerry would Hillary lose in 2008?" campaign-finance attorney Jan Baran asks. "All Kerry needed to win in 2004 was Ohio," which President Bush carried narrowly.
which of the Bush states could the Republicans lose next year?

Ohio, now more Democratic than ever, is certainly in jeopardy. So are New Mexico, Nevada and Colorado, where Mrs. Clinton will likely benefit from large and angry Hispanic voting blocs that gave Mr. Bush 40 percent of their votes last time before the immigration fight exploded on Capitol Hill.

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