Monday, October 01, 2007

The Swift Boating Of Hillary

Richard Collins, a wealthy Texas businessman and a leading organizer of Stop Her Now, a political committee devoted to opposing Clinton's White House bid, told The Hill his group will spend $500,000 to $600,000 between now and February targeting her candidacy.
"We expect we'll be much more intense in our efforts between now and Feb. 28," said Collins.
Collins emphasized that his group's strategy and tactics are more important than how much it plans to spend.  
Stop Her Now will use humor in its attacks against Clinton to make them more appealing to swing voters. Its website features anti-Clinton cartoons and jokes of the week. It also has posted a spoof of "The Tonight Show" in which an unflattering parody of Clinton plays the role of Johnny Carson.
Republican operative David Bossie, president of Citizens United, is producing a critical film documentary about Clinton that conservative financial backers hope will be as effective as the attacks of another group, Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, against former Democratic nominee Sen. John Kerry (Mass.).
Republicans must find novel ways to pan Clinton because she is a female and because many of the criticisms of her are already well-known, having been hashed out during the partisan battles of her husband's administration.
"You can't go after a woman candidate the way you can go after a guy," said Paul Weyrich, chairman and CEO of the Free Congress Foundation and an influential conservative leader. "It's very, very difficult to campaign against a woman candidate."

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