Monday, February 11, 2008

10 Things Clinton Can Do

 10 Things Clinton Can Do to Survive February

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1. Hope changing campaign managers both streamlines her operation and provides a turn-the-page narrative for the press.
2. Get the debate-about-debates to catch a spark and trip up Obama.
3. Push her women-rallying fight with NBC News.
4. Win the Wisconsin primary.
5. Keep making the case that caucuses are less democratic and more disenfranchising than primaries.
6. (Quietly) point out Obama's reliance on African-American votes in some February victories.
7. Stoke the Florida and Michigan delegate fights.
8. Pull in more massive Internet contributions – for both practical and symbolic reasons.
9. Continue to amass superdelegates (through friendships, chits, promises and arm-twisting).
10. Secure John Edwards' endorsement.

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