Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hispanics Being Under Polled

Hillary Rodham Clinton leads Illinois Senator Barack Obama 60% to 18%
in California, 77% to 15% in New York, and 52% to 26% in Illinois,
based on the results of a new poll conducted by New American Dimensions.

The poll was conducted on Saturday and Sunday, two days before three
of the five largest Hispanic states hold primaries on Super Tuesday.
Combined, these three states account for nearly 45% of all Hispanics.

Clinton performed much better with Hispanic immigrants than Hispanics
born in the United States. She outpolled Obama 70% to 12% among
immigrants compared to 53% to 27% among U.S. born Hispanics.
Two-thirds of those interviewed were immigrants, reflective of the
U.S. Hispanic voting age population.

Several critiques of the major polls coming out show Latinos heavily
UNDER-REPRESENTED. For example the field poll only had an 8% Latino
component in California where Latinos represent 16%+ of the
population. So it looks like it will be all down to turnout of the
Latino and women vote, and this polling agency specialises in polling
minority groups. So Latinos and Women get your butts out to the polls
for Hillary.

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