Friday, May 09, 2008

Has Donna Brazile Lost it?

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Thousands are calling for her resignation. Thousands more are wondering if she's off her meds (or needs to be ON some meds). What I WANT TO KNOW is WHAT IN THE HELL the poor saps like us who donate to the Democratic party are paying this woman? (I actually searched for information today on what Donna Brazile is paid by the DNC, but was unable to find any financial statements. If any of you can, please find it and share it with us.)
There's a sweet soul who has a lovely little blog, Little Isis, who had the temerity to write to Miss Donna Brazile. Her polite note included:
Hi Donna!!!!
I am emailing you on behalf of many people. I am, as you may know, a Hillary Clinton Supporter. You have probably gotten a lot of emails from her supporters, and I understand from the blogs I often frequent that you have responded to many of them.
I want you to know that I read bits and pieces of your autobiography, Cooking With Grease, and thought it was wonderful and well written. I came to understand from your book and from a lot of what I have witnessed in this election cycle that to simply put groups of people in Demographics and Exit polls is a misunderstanding of both America and the Democratic Party. …
The rest of her letter to Donna Brazile was similarly polite, kindly, and complimentary. She signed it, "respectfully, A young female voter from Ohio." THIS is the response this young Democrat received:
Thanks Natalie,
As of today, I am not going to respond to any more anti American, Anti Democratic emails. Have a nice day.
I am sorry because you are sincere, but the Hillary forces are uncivil, repugnant and vile. When you come up for air and would like to email a person who cares about America and not just a personality, I will respond.
Thanks for your time and your interest.
What can one say?
Well, leave it to the very earnest and polite LittleIsis to write a rational response to her blog's readers:
I kid you not. That was her reply. This is DNC leadership. A Superdelegate and a person responsible for seating Florida and Michigan. Is this normal behavior for party leadership? I must say that I'm somewhat confused. And if anyone can tell me how my letter to her was "Anti-American" and "Anti-Democratic" and how I supposedly "don't care about America" because I urged her to count the votes in two swing states, please let me know. I'm dying to figure out how counting votes is "Anti-American" and "Anti-Democratic".
I would urge everyone not to try and email her anymore. She is beyond rationality at this point. And I would also urge everyone who did have exchanges with her to contact the DNC about this and also to send what she wrote back to every media outlet you possibly can. She clearly is incredibly unprofessional, and it alarms me that she is in the position she is in right now.
You may share your opinions with Little Isis.

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