Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Stop Florida from damaging another election

A Guest Post  

Wed May 14, 2008 at 11:28:40 AM PDT

Dear Friends,
From the 2000 recount, to the debacle over delegates, Florida has a long, painful history of problems during election season.  Who's to blame?  The Republican-Led Florida Legislature.
I am running against the Majority Whip of the Florida House  - the very person that secured the votes that got us into the latest delegate mess.  
In the last term, my opponent:
- Voted for legislation that discredits evolution and opens the door to intelligent design in school curriculum.

- Violated a woman's right to privacy by voting to make an ultrasound mandatory prior to exercising a woman's right to choose.

- Supported legislation criminalizing embryonic stem cell research

- Voted specifically to exclude mental and physical disabilities and sexual orientation from enumerated categories of bullying in anti-bullying legislation.

- Voted to change Florida law to allow people to take their guns to work.
We may not all be Florida Democrats, but we all know the story:  Voters disenfranchised and a primary in chaos.  
On top of that, back in January, 2004, my opponent won the first election in America using black-box voting machines.  The result – a contested election and a judge, not voters, choosing the winner.
It gets worse: She is also the Florida Co-Chair of the McCain for Florida campaign.
We may be a state in chaos… We may be a Democratic party in chaos… but we will win in November.
Help me remove a key member of the Florida Republican leadership: Click here to lend me your support.
Chris Chiari
Democrat for Florida State House 
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