Sunday, August 19, 2007

the FCC released TEN studies on media ownership

the FCC released TEN studies on media ownership. These studies included:
  1. How People Get News and Information
  2. Ownership Structure and Robustness of Media
  3. Television Station Ownership Structure and the Quantity and Quality of TV Programming
  4. News Operations
  5. Station Ownership and Programming in Radio
  6. The Effects of Cross-Ownership on the Local Content and Political Slant of Local Television News
  7. Minority and Female Ownership in Media Enterprises
  8. The Impact of the FCC's TV Duopoly Rule Relaxation on Minority and Women Owned Broadcast Stations 1999-2006
  9. Vertical Integration and the Market for Broadcast and Cable Television Programming
  10. Review of the Radio Industry, 2007

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