Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Todays' News: 08-28-07: With Bush's Backing Iraq's Maliki Should be Nervous


The GOP's Bathroom Problem

Richard Kim - The Nation - Aug 28th, 2007
Republican Senator Larry Craig was arrested in June by an undercover cop investigating lewd conduct in a Minnesota airport bathroom ...more

Sinking Ship Leaves Rat

Michael Tomasky - The Guardian-UK - Aug 28th, 2007
Alberto Gonzales lived up to his nickname of Fredo - the sycophantic Mafia sidekick, always trying to please the Don ...more

The Unqualified, the Unscrupulous, and the Bush White House

Joshua Kurlantzick - MotherJones - Aug 28th, 2007
Republicans have become so disdainful of government that they no longer care if the bureaucracy is filled with the unqualified and the unscrupulous ...more

With Bush's Backing Iraq's Maliki Should be Nervous

Alexander Cockburn - First Post - Aug 28th, 2007
Iraq's Nouri al-Maliki should bid his family tender farewells. If the patterns of US foreign policy are any guide, he is a very poor insurance ...more

Bush's Iraq Reality Gap

Editorial - Newsday - Aug 28th, 2007
The glaring disconnect between the on-the-ground reality of Iraq and Bush's public statements about the war is growing wider than ever ...more

All the President's Flunkies

John Dickerson - Slate - Aug 28th, 2007
Tolerating incompetence has harmed Bush in any number of ways. The worst of these is locking in the idea that he's oblivious to reality ...more

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