Friday, August 10, 2007

Today's News 08-10-07: Bush Stealing Health Care from Babies to Serve GOP Political Ends

Spinning the Iraq War Death Toll

Robert Parry - Consortium News - Aug 10th, 2007
The he U.S. military's death toll decreased in July, because it has pulled back from widespread use of aggressive tactics on the ground ...more

The Battle for the Soul and Spine of the Democratic Party

Brent Budowsky - Hill's Pundits - Aug 10th, 2007
If you believe supporting the Iraq war for years was right and that lobbyists are the heart of America, Hillary Clinton is your girl ...more

Congress Escapes Leaving Bush Administration to Eavesdrop Freely

Joseph L. Galloway - McClatchy - Aug 10th, 2007
The Democratic controlled Congress left town after one final, cowardly cave-in to Bush fear-mongering by passing a law that erodes our constitution ...more

Bush On Another Vacation From Reality

Eugene Robinson - Washington Post - Aug 10th, 2007
If you listened to Bush at his news conference, you heard a man who's not about to let objective reality change his mind ...more

A Lot More Than One Bridge Could Crumble Under the GOP

Jesse Jackson - Chicago Sun-Times - Aug 10th, 2007
Those who choose to spend $11 billion a month in Iraq while shorting vital investments here at home aren't securing America; they are weakening it ...more

Bush Stealing Health Care from Babies to Serve GOP Political Ends

Ronald Brownstein - LA Times - Aug 10th, 2007
The White House's strategy is to embroil Democrats in unrelenting conflicts with Bush that alienate swing voters and leave children without health care ...more

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