Friday, August 17, 2007

In The News 08-16-07: What is Rove Trying to Hide

War in Iraq, Poverty in America

Bill Boyarsky - TruthDig - Aug 16th, 2007
They're closing a hospital in my city, but I'm sure nobody in the rest of the country gives a damn ...more

Time for Universal Health Care

Editorial - Houston Chronicle - Aug 16th, 2007
The problem is that a quarter of Americans have no health insurance. Their employers don't provide it, and they don't qualify for government insurance ...more

Rove's Partisan Politics by Any Means Necessary

Editorial - Daytona Beach News-Journal - Aug 16th, 2007
Karl Rove is still alive, but he is leaving a White House so isolated and emptied that it has the feel of a mausoleum ...more

Time to Change Course in War on Terror

Davis Merritt - Wichita Eagle - Aug 16th, 2007
The entire 'war on terror' business got off to a tragic start when, five days after 9/11, Bush talked about 'this crusade' ...more

What is Rove Trying to Hide

Marcy Wheeler - The Guardian-UK - Aug 16th, 2007
When asked whether he's resigning because of congressional scrutiny, Rove didn't exactly deny it ...more

Searching for the Miners

Editorial - New York Times - Aug 16th, 2007
For too long Bush and the then Republican-controlled Congress allowed mine operators to put off making needed investments to ensure miners' safety ...more

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