Friday, August 10, 2007

Today's News 08-09-07:Carl Bernstein: Bush More "Disastrous" Than Nixon

Don't Confuse Bush by Using the Facts

Editorial - Capital Times - Aug 9th, 2007
But George Bush does not deal in the realm of truth. And he certainly does not like his puppet dictators getting off their strings ...more

Inside the Sychophantic Court of Hillary Clinton

Charles Laurence - First Post - Aug 9th, 2007
Hillary' sychophantic campaign is remarkably similar to the inner-circle surrounding George Bush, the loyalty-first group led by Karl Rove ...more

How Bush Gained the Power To Spy on You Without Security Justifications

Aziz Huq - AlterNet - Aug 9th, 2007
The Bush Administration has successfully forced on Congress a law that largely authorizes open-ended surveillance of Americans ...more

A Good Fight for Obama to Pick

Steve Kornacki - NY Observer - Aug 9th, 2007
A contentious back and forth between Obama and Clinton played to what is emerging as an unexpected advantage for Barack Obama on foreign policy ...more

Electronic Surveillance Law

Editorial - Philadelphia Inquirer - Aug 9th, 2007
Wizard Bush has been exposed as bumbling and deluded. But that doesn't mean he's lost his knack for terrorizing the Munchkin Democrats ...more

Carl Bernstein: Bush More "Disastrous" Than Nixon

John Nichols - The Nation - Aug 9th, 2007
But 33 years after Nixon resigned in order to avoid an inevitable impeachment, Bernstein is more concerned about a president named Bush ...more

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