Monday, August 13, 2007

In The News 08-12-07: How the Democrats Blew It


We Get the Government We Ask For

John Young - Pioneer Press - Aug 12th, 2007
The foxes guarding the henhouse are running out of fowl to molest. But we get the government we ask for, and we haven't expected enough ...more

Superpower That Can't Tie Its Shoes

John McQuaid - Denver Post - Aug 12th, 2007
Somehow, can-do America has become a joke, an oxymoron. We've become the can't-do nation, slipping on every banana peel on the global stage ...more

In Iraq - Wars Within Wars

Richard Engel - Los Angeles Times - Aug 12th, 2007
Iraqis are already fighting for their country, and fighting savagely. They are just not fighting the war of the Freedom Haters versus the Freedom Lovers ...more

American Delusion - World's Best Medical Care

Editorial - New York Times - Aug 12th, 2007
The disturbing truth is that America lags well behind other advanced nations in delivering timely and effective health care for its people ...more

How the Democrats Blew It

Alexander Cockburn - First Post - Aug 12th, 2007
The game is to go along with Bush's agenda while stirring up dust to blind the base about their failure to bring the troops home ...more

Hillary Control

Michelle Cottle - NY Magazine - Aug 12th, 2007
The group's protective ethos dominates Hillary's campaign, where loyalty is demanded and talking out of school, especially to the press, frowned upon ...more

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