Saturday, August 25, 2007

Obama Girl takes aim at Rudy Giuliani

The sexy-sensational YouTube video that appears as the sequel to "I've Got a Crush on Obama" criticizes Giuliani for marrying his cousin. The "Debate 08: Obama Girl vs. Giuliani Girl" music spoof also notes the former New York City mayor's three marriages and previous appearances in drag.
Despite the silly rhymes and contagious beat (which we can't get out of our heads), we find Obama Girl's claims are accurate.
In 1968, Giuliani wed his second cousin, Regina Peruggi, who was the daughter of his father's first cousin. (Think of your son/daughter marrying your cousin's daughter/son.)
Giuliani at different points labeled the family connection as "second cousins once removed" and "third cousins," before he was corrected.
In a 1993 memo for his mayoral campaign, a Giuliani strategist noted the "weirdness" factor of the marriage, according to a memo posted on the Smoking Gun Web site, but such a marriage is completely legal. In New York, even first cousins can wed.
Robin Bennett, senior genetic counselor at the University of Washington, said there is not much scientific research about the risk of developmental difficulties for the offspring of second cousins but she said "for second cousins, the risks are likely similar to the risks of couples from the same ethnic population who also may have common ancestors."
Giuliani and Peruggi did not have any children, and the marriage ended after 14 years. A Catholic priest who was a long-time Giuliani friend granted his request for an annulment on the grounds that the church had never given dispensation for the relatives' union.
Two years later, he married Donna Hanover, a Miami television reporter. But that marriage ended in 2002 with a bitter divorce. Within a year, he wed a third time to Judith Nathan, a former pharmaceutical sales manager turned-Giuliani-speech-writer.
Giuliani's propensity to dress in drag is also well-documented. When mayor in 1997, he appeared as a busty woman at a political roast and even dressed the part for an appearance on Saturday Night Live. Posted At
Here's the video:

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