Sunday, March 30, 2008

50 state party Hillary wins vs 48 state party Obama wins

The Obama supporters make a big deal about this election being over due to math but got the wrong  high school subject as its geography that will determine the winner.
Specifically do you think America has 48 states or 50 states?
If it has 48 states and Florida and Michigan are not part of the USA and hence not part of the Democratic party then Obama looks very good for a nominee.  He hasn't carried a majority of democrats in the 48 states but otherwise has done very well in terms of pledged delegates, popular vote, total states won etc.
However if the USA has 50 states and all those states seat their delegates as cast there is absolutely no way you can argue that Obama has won.  Obama got less than 1% of the vote in Michigan and will get 0 delegates there if the delegates are seated as elected.  With the Florida and Michigan votes and the soon to be counted PA votes Hillary will take the lead in total popular vote even with Obama's big lead in GOP/Indy voters.  
So to the Obama supporters who are so sure its over remember it all depends on how many states the democratic party think there are in the USA.  If they admit its 50 Obama basically has NO CHANCE.

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