Wednesday, March 05, 2008


60% of the Obama campaign's funds have come from people who have given at least $1,000, the kind of donors who are most often recruited by 'bundlers'. Only 30% of his contributions have come from people who gave less than $200.
The inability or outright refusal of the press to report the reality as opposed to the myth goes back to the beginning of his campaign. In an early democratic debate, former Senator Mike Gravel of Alaska said Obama's much repeated disavowal of lobbyist contributions is "less than pure" because he has wealthy executives who employ lobbyists raising money for him.
Gravel singled out Obama fundraiser, Robert Wolf, America's chairman for Swiss-based UBS Investment Bank, a "foreign owned bank" he said with "lobbyists in Washington." At that point employees of UBS had given at least $142,000.

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