Saturday, March 29, 2008

Rove: My ‘tail and horns are retractable


During his speech last night at George Washington University, Karl Rove was interrupted by a group of protesters who unfurled a banner reading "War Criminal." The protesters were heckled by some in the audience. A couple of Rove supporters shouted "tase them" to the protesters.
Later on, a student asked Rove why some of his detractors believe he is a "fundamentally bad human being." Rove joked, "First of all, the tail and the horns are retractable." "I don't know! I'm a myth," Rove explained. "I mean, I'm like Grendel of Beowulf; I'm not often seen but people talk about me a lot. I don't know." Watch it:
Another student asked Rove whether he would still support the Iraq war if he knew then what he knows now. "It is what it is," Rove said, showing no remorse for his involvement in leading the nation into Iraq.

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