Thursday, March 27, 2008

NBC/Wall Street Journal Deliberately skewed poll for Obama

NBC/Wall Street Journal Embarrassed on Oversampling

... .. But one which, tends to undercut the arguments of the Obama campaign that he would be a substantially stronger candidate in the general election than Clinton. And evidence that the Rev. Jeremiah Wright has taken the luster off Obama and made him a weaker candidate against McCain than he was two week ago. ... ..
This poll has gotten them into trouble, so they're trying to explain themselves. Short answer: You all are idiots. In a post entitled "What 'Oversampling' Means," the group that conducted the poll "explains." In other words, covering their political posterior for a poll that should never have been released they blame you for being ignorant.
The sample for the March 24-25 poll on race included an "oversample" of 100 African American voters. - MSNBC First Read

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