Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Obama Couldn't Close the Deal


The wind at Barack's back, the press at his feet, but he couldn't close it out.
Now John McCain looms large. War hero. Tortured veteran. Experienced national security hawk.
In his shadows stands Barack Obama, a gifted man, but one who didn't care to call a single hearing of his foreign relations sub-committee. Who couldn't keep his top economist on a leash. Who answered a national security ad with an ad that talked about one speech, which was answered a second time with irrefutable facts on his non-action on Afghanistan, which left his campaign mute on the one subject which Republicans always win.
Lunch bucket Democrats got it and didn't buy into it.
Now it's no longer about just delegates, but about resumes. Hero versus rhetoric and change without proof; hero versus action, backed up with experience and passion for policy. No longer about a primary season, but about who can win the general election.
Eleven wins at Barack's back and he couldn't close it out; couldn't seal the deal.
In the opening stands Hillary Clinton. The first woman who ever had a chance to change the country and the world in one swoop. A woman with the U.S. military Armed Forces standing by her side and backing her up. Strength beyond wisdom, which comes through alliances gotten through years of hard work. A woman with a lifetime of experience applying for The Job.
A fighter, but not just to win. To lead. To change the world. A woman at the helm. It can happen. Believe.

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