Friday, March 07, 2008

Rezko- Obama's BIG Problem

Below, today's references to Barack Obama in the gavel-to-gavel coverage of the Rezko trial, and a Chicago ABC TV station's interview today of a dodgy Barack Obama who claimed he hadn't had dealings with Rezko since the slumlord's troubles "began."
Pinnochio's gonna need some more wood. It's like Obama saying, earlier, that he won Michigan, and that Hillary only won two states on Tuesday's Super 2. (Yes, there was video today on TV that showed him saying exactly that.) Uh, he wasn't on the ballot in Michigan, you'll recall, and she won three states on Tuesday night.
First, here's this Fox News video interview of Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass today, via a John McCain blogger (they're all over the Rezko trial, salivating at the prospect of Obama as the nominee):
Ah, John Kass, one of the last of the crusty, cynical reporters of yore. Tony Rezko, says the Chicago Tribune columnist, is "Barack Obama's personal real-estate fairy." In January, Kass penned "If you look closely, it's plain: Rezko is Obama's problem" (more from that below). A few days ago, Kass wrote:
… As most Clinton operatives and Republicans know, Rezko is the indicted political fixer who helped Obama buy his dream house.
The sellers split the parcel in two, one a vacant lot and one with a home. Obama got a $300,000 discount on the house. The Rezkos paid the full asking price for the lot next door. Obama, who keeps insisting he's told us everything, until something new comes out, admitted recently that he toured the home with Tony before that magical sale. So the real estate fairy sprinkles the magic fairy dust on the Obama dream home. Obama becomes the reform candidate for president, to change American politics as we know it — except of course in Chicago, where the Daley Machine runs things.

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