Monday, March 24, 2008

Senator Obama, Have You No Decency?

Leave it to Barack Obama, in a further sign that his campaign realizes they are in deep trouble, to unleash the ghost of Joseph McCarthy, a red-baiting Republican who smeared honest Americans by accusing them of being communists. As a side note, does anyone remember who worked for McCarthy besides Roy Cohn? Yep, Robert F. Kennedy. So, since Obama has been compared to RFK are we to assume that, like RFK, he is the one who would work with someone like McCarthy in order to further his political career?  Just asking.
But back to the McCarthy charge.  It is the Obama campaign that is pushing the bizarre interpretation of Bill Clinton's innocuous remark. Bill Clinton :
. . .praised McCain as an "honorable man," who has "paid the highest price short of giving your life." He mentioned that though Hillary and McCain disagree on many issues, they've worked together successfully on others. In that context, he said it would be great "if you had two people who really love this country and ask who's right on these issues" instead of all the non-essential clutter that now distracts in politics.
Check out Alegre's piece and hear his remarks for yourself. Yet Obama and his crew, frantic to shift public attention away from the racist mentor of Barack Obama–Jeremiah Wright–immediately began accusing the former President of the democratic equivalent of consorting with a Nazi. How Bill Clinton retains his sense of humor in the face of such a despicable insult is beyond me. You can tell this attack has gone off the tracks when folks as diverse as Bill Richardson and Kathleen Parker (who wrote in the conservative National Review) defended Bill Clinton.
We have learned some very unflattering things about Senator Obama's lack of character and courage. He was standing next to retired US Air Force General McPeak, when the General unleashed the McCarthy charge:
President Clinton, talking to a group of veterans yesterday in North Carolina, and he said something that frankly astonished me. HE said in promoting his wife's candidacy: [QUOTE] I think it'd be a great thing if we had an election year where you had two people who love this country and were devoted to the interests of the country and the people. And the people could actually ask themselves who's right on these issues instead of all this other stuff that always seems to intrude itself in politics. [/QUOTE CLINTON]
Well, let me say first, we will have such an election this year. [APPLAUSE] Because both Barack Obama and John McCain are great patriots [CHEERS] who love this country and are devoted to it. So is Hillary Clinton. Any suggestion to the contrary is flat wrong. And so as one who for 37 years proudly wore the uniform of this country I am saddened to see a president employ these kinds of tactics. He should know better because he was the target of exactly the same kind of tactics when he first ran 16 years ago. They had no place then. These tactics have no place in American politics. They had no place then … they had no place then and they have no place now. I am happy and proud to support a candidate who loves his country so much that he would never play that kind of divisive tactics (sic). And now i would like to present to you America's next Commander in Chief … Barack Obama …
So, what did Obama do? He praised McPeak:
OBAMA NOW: Let me just say that not only do I consider General McPeak a friend and an adviser but I just think that he looks and sounds like Clint Eastwood is cool. [HUH?] Yeah … that's what you want a general to look like and sound like. [SMILES BIG] Yeah …. uh …. you know, if you mess with him, you're in trouble. So, yeah, uh, he … General McPeak has been traveling on my behalf and I'm just thrilled.
The wild accusations hurled by the likes of Joseph McCarthy were rendered inert when the likes of Joseph Welch and Edward R. Murrow challenged the drunken bully from Wisconsin.  Joseph Welch, the Army's top attorney, achieved fame for telling McCarthy:
You've done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?
Welch's question of McCarthy is still germane and needs to be asked of Senator Obama.  Obama promised a new style of politics.  Yet, since January, he has been tossing one insult or accusation after another at Bill Clinton.  Obama has suggested Clinton achieved nothing of importance during his tenure and that the Republicans were the party of ideas.  Obama gave tacit approval to let his surrogates accuse Bill Clinton of racism.  And now Obama stands by silently while a top military adviser accuses the former President of acting like Josephy McCarthy.
Senator Obama, where is your sense of decency?

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