Saturday, March 22, 2008

Obama's Media Luster Dulling

Media support for Obama caves in
Although critical comments on Obama were not excessive, the drop in positive coverage was more significant – indicating a growing ambivalence in the media, as well as the impact of Obama's Philadelphia speech.
ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox News candidate coverage, 1/1 – 3/19/2008*: tone of coverage by weeks
Basis: all statements by or on Clinton and Obama on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox evening news programs 1/1 – 3/19/2008 (*individual newscasts missing)
Cracks in Obama's story benefit Clinton
The revelation of Obama's long-standing association with a controversial black congregation has tilted the trend again, as Hillary Clinton won plaudits for her resilience in the face of Obama's early lead in the primaries.
ABC, NBC and CBS candidate coverage, 2/18 – 3/19/2008: tone of coverage by days
Basis: all statements by or on Obama and Clinton on ABC, CBS and NBC evening news programs 2/18 – 3/19/2008

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