Friday, April 06, 2007

DNC Shuts Out Fox

DNC Shuts Out Fox
Fox News may have landed a Democratic debate, but the Democratic Party is refusing to give its formal stamp of approval to the September event, which will be co-sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus Institute.
"The DNC sanctioned debates will not include Fox," says DNC Communications Director Karen Finney in an e-mail.
The Democratic National Committee announced today that it would sanction six debates, starting in July. In 2005, DNC Chairman Howard Dean called Fox "a propaganda outlet of the Republican Party," but has occasionally since then struck slightly more conciliatory notes.
The refusal of the party to consider sanctioning the Detroit debate, however, is a mark of an increasingly unified Democratic effort to marginalize the network.
Fox spokesman Michael Murphy had no immediate comment on the DNC's plan.
UPDATE: An unusually mild response from Fox, in a statement from Marty Ryan, the channel's executive producer of political programming: "We are continuing to move forward with all our debate partners – what Karen Finney expressed has no bearing on our course of action."

For more on Fox News  Viewers being the most ignorant of all Americans SEE:


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