Thursday, April 12, 2007

News Quotes

Iraqis Finally Unite...Against the U.S.

Robert Scheer - Truthout - Apr 12th, 2007
Meanwhile, back in liberated Iraq, the anniversary of Saddam's overthrow was marked by only one public response - Protests denouncing the United States ...more

Uncovering Bush's Plot for One Party Government

Sidney Blumenthal - Salon - Apr 12th, 2007
Bush has been determined to turn the entire federal government, every department and agency, into an instrument of a one-party state ...more

The Real Scandal - Which US Attorneys Did Rove's Bidding

John Nichols - The Nation - Apr 12th, 2007
There is mounting evidence that the White House was pressuring U.S. attorneys to politicize their prosecutions prior to the 2006 elections ...more

Trying to Escape a Good Reputation

Garrison Keillor - Honolulu Advertiser - Apr 12th, 2007
We are now three-quarters of the way through the Attention Deficit Administration and who knows what dark surprises remain ...more

Republicans' Failure to Relaunch

Matthew Yglesias - American Prospect - Apr 12th, 2007
Indeed, months after the election, the GOP continues to be weirdly reluctant to recognize the fact that the party was dragged down by the war ...more

Congress Finally Puts its Hands on Iraq

Rosa Brooks - ST Paul Pioneer Press - Apr 12th, 2007
It's about time someone in the U.S. government showed an interest in managing - much less micromanaging - this war ...more


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