Tuesday, April 24, 2007

First Online-Only '08 Debates


     Media websites Yahoo, Slate and the Huffington Post have joined together to host to two online-only presidential debates.

The debates - one for invited '08 Democratic candidates and another for invited GOP '08 candidates - will be held after Labor Day.

PBS intellectual heavyweight Charlie Rose has signed on to moderate.

"We intend for these debates to be a groundbreaking mix of old and new traditions in politics," said Rose in a press release announcement. 

The plan is for candidates to debate live on the Internet from whatever location they choose.
The news sites say voters will have the opportunity to ask the candidates questions in real time.


1 comment:

gary said...

The debate would be "groundbreaking" if it included all the candidates, not just those deemed "worthy" by the debate organizers. That exclusionary tactic is too much like business as usual. The internet is NOT about business as usual.




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