Tuesday, April 10, 2007

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When Bush's Myths Take Priority Over Facts

Jay Bookman - Atlanta Journal-Const - Apr 10th, 2007
The Bush administration has become so devoted to its mythology, and so antagonistic to facts that might challenge it, that they can't function ...more

McCain's Meltdown

Jonathan Alter - Newsweek - Apr 10th, 2007
The "significant progress" McCain said he saw came when the average daily death toll of Iraqis was higher in March than in February ...more

How to Get out of Iraq

Juan Cole - The Nation - Apr 10th, 2007
But Bush is profoundly in error to think that continued US military occupation can forestall further warfare ...more

America's Growing Income Gap Between Have Mores and Have Nothings

Editorial - Toledo Blade - Apr 10th, 2007
The numbers get worse the more closely you look, and together they paint a troubling picture of a growing income gap in the United States ...more

The New Power in Iraq

Dilip Hiro - Guardian-UK - Apr 10th, 2007
Despite the efforts of coalition forces, a powerful Islamist leader has emerged out of the ashes of Saddam Hussein ...more

Honoring the Warriors, Ending the War

Terence Samuel - The American Prospect - Apr 10th, 2007
Bush's attempts to portray Democrats as hacks playing political games with American troops while they are "in harm's way" is falling on deaf ears ...more


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