Monday, April 23, 2007

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Back Bush's Iraq Strategy ... Then Bring Back the Draft

Joseph L. Galloway - McClatchy - Apr 22nd, 2007
The question for those who still support Bush's strategy to stretch out the war until he's left office, are you willing to support the draft ...more

Gun Violence

Editorial - Philadelphia Inquirer - Apr 22nd, 2007
The gun lobby has framed the gun violence debate perversely to its advantage and done a powerful job of it. It's time for reality ...more

Lights, Camera, Killing: America's Deadly Craving for Celebrity

Rod Liddle - The Times-UK - Apr 22nd, 2007
Everything, especially in America, is appropriated for the purposes of entertainment nowadays. The more vile and murderous the better ...more

Tom DeLay, Like Most Republicans Today, Delights in Deceit

Roger Buoen - Star Tribune - Apr 22nd, 2007
Instead of coming clean on ethical and political problems, Tom DeLay blames liberals and expiates his trespasses by finding Jesus ...more

Bush - A Man Who Never Knows When to Shut Up

Tim Grieve - War Room - Apr 22nd, 2007
"Nobody ought to ever hope to be a war president, or a presidency -- a president during war. But that's how I see the world." ...more

US Losing Another Asia

Fareed Zakaria - Newsweek - Apr 22nd, 2007
'You have many friends [here]. But the attitude of many Asian nations is that China will be here for 2,000 years. America may go away.' ...more


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