Monday, April 30, 2007

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Mistrustful of the War Machine

Dave Peyton - Charleston Daily Mail - Apr 30th, 2007
The day we start believing everything someone in the government - military or non-military - shoves at us is the day America is doomed ...more

Bush's Personnel Denial

John W. Mashek - US News and World Report - Apr 30th, 2007
No president wants to admit he has made poor choices in selecting advisers. Bush, however, praises them for blunders the public sees right through ...more

Bush Has a Lot of Apologizing to Do

Stanley I. Kutler - The Capital Times - Apr 30th, 2007
When accusing Congress of ignoring Generals, Bush might remember that he removed a lot of Generals because he did not want to listen to them ...more

Congress Should Deliver War-Funding Bill in a Flag-Draped Coffin

Mary MacElveen - Apr 30th, 2007
The war supplemental bill should be delivered to Bush in a flag-draped coffin signifying what this war has cost the American people ...more

White House Turning Serious Iraq Debate into Partisan Squabble

EJ Dionne - IndyStar - Apr 30th, 2007
Bush cannot make the case that his Iraq policies have succeeded, so he is turning an honest debate over policy into a partisan squabble ...more

All the President's Press

Frank Rich - Welcome to Pottersville - Apr 30th, 2007
Iraq's sole recent democratic achievement is to ban the release of casualty figures, lest they challenge Bush's happy talk about 'progress' in Iraq ...more


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