Friday, April 13, 2007

News Quotes

Exploding the 'Clinton Did it Too' Defense

Jerry Sanford - Consortium News - Apr 13th, 2007
In other words, the Bush administration fired almost as many U.S. attorneys in one week as had been let go over the past 25 years ...more

Don Imus Has a Bright Future on America's Toxic Airwaves

Marc McDonald - Beggars Can Be Choosers - Apr 13th, 2007
As soon as the current fuss has died down, you can bet another network will step in to pick up Imus's program ...more

Take a Moment for Death

William Rivers Pitt - Truthout - Apr 13th, 2007
Bush has "surged" about 200 American soldiers into the cold ground, has "surged" about 200 folded American flags into hands of shattered families ...more

The Punishment of Imus: What about Coulter and Limbaugh

Mary MacElveen - Apr 13th, 2007
Bad as it was, what Imus said on his radio simulcast pails in comparison to the many demonic rants of Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh ...more

John McCain Screwed by the Republican Fantasy World

Bill Maher - Huffington Post - Apr 13th, 2007
McCain knows that it's not safe in Baghdad, but he has to pretend that it's safe because that's what the GOP base wants to hear ...more

An Orwellian PR Stunt

Paul Campos - Common Dreams - Apr 13th, 2007
The day after McCain's photo op, 21 people from that same market were kidnapped, taken north of the city, and murdered ...more


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