Wednesday, April 18, 2007

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Brutal Truth: Massacre is Part of Everyday Life in America

Rupert Cornwell - The Independent-UK - Apr 18th, 2007
The Coverage is formulaic. There is no soul searching, no wondering what might be wrong with a society where such things happen so frequently ...more

Iraq Leaving GOP in Peril

Charlie Cook - MSNBC - Apr 18th, 2007
More ominous for the GOP is that independents are coming down on the anti-war side, and portends peril for Republicans in 2008 ...more

America's Love of Guns

Editorial - New Zealand Herald - Apr 18th, 2007
The guns that feature in campus shootings are not generally hunting rifles and the like. They are for killing people, nothing else ...more

Giuliani's Dubious Kind of Leadership

Joe Conason - NY Observer - Apr 18th, 2007
If that sounds like the same primitive mind-set that created our current disaster, that's because Giuliani is a fervent admirer of Bush ...more

Virginia Tech...Another American Massacre

Editorial - Capital Times - Apr 18th, 2007
If America can do nothing about its violent streak, the NRA will argue, it is silly to place limits on gun ownership. Better to arm ...more

US Military to Iraqis: Sorry We Shot Your Kid, Here's 500 Bucks

Greg Mitchell - Editor and Publisher - Apr 18th, 2007
What price do we place on the life of a child shot by our soldier who mistook his book bag for a bomb satchel? $500 ...more


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