Sunday, April 15, 2007

News Quotes

Bush's War Vets are Returning Home and Homeless

Jonathan Curiel - San Francisco Chronicle - Apr 15th, 2007
Tens of thousands of Americans who went to Iraq and Afghanistan will eventually become homeless -- a number that VA is woefully unprepared for ...more

'Loyal Bushies' Lost the Emails...Not Likely

John Nichols - Capital Times - Apr 15th, 2007
The Senate's interest in the Wisconsin case indicates that the inquiry is examining White House pressures on prosecutors who were retained ...more

The Humanitarian Crisis in Iraq Can't Wait for Bush

Baltimore Sun - Apr 15th, 2007
Director of the International Committee of the Red Cross warns that the security crackdown in Baghdad hasn't done anything to improve security ...more

Bush Needs a War Czar Because He isn't Up to the Job

Editorial NY Times via IHT - Apr 15th, 2007
We have long suspected that there is no one in charge of the Iraq war. How else can you explain four years of multifront failures ...more

Silence of the War Hawks

Neil Clark - The Guardian-UK - Apr 15th, 2007
As the humanitarian crisis in Iraq goes from bad to worse, the war propagandists are turning to more trivial matters ...more

The Sirens of Tyrants

Welcome to Pottersville - Apr 15th, 2007
I no longer hold out hope for our perfectibility. Survival is just about the limits of our expectations ...more


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