Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Take to the Streets

Take to the Streets April 28th to Change America!

50 State Canvass The days of a do-nothing Republican Congress are over, but the days of a disastrous Republican Presidency aren't quite over yet. The Democratic majority in the US House and Senate stood with the American people, passing a bill that would both fund our troops and begin the process to bring them home. President Bush's impending veto of the Iraq War supplemental bill is an insult to the majority of Americans who voted for change in November and to the brave men and women who risk their lives everyday for our country. It's clear that President Bush sees no end in sight. America needs to elect a Democratic president in 2008 so we can bring our troops home. It's time to take action now. Sign up to take part in the Democratic National Organizing Day on April 28 at www.democrats.org/50StateCanvass. Our regional directors will help to organize events in the coming weeks to get the Democratic message out across the state.


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