Monday, April 16, 2007

News Quotes

Impossible to Sustain Bush's Iraq 'Surge'

David Sarasohn - ST Paul Pioneer Press - Apr 16th, 2007
Once again Bush announced a policy - increasing U.S. forces in Iraq - and only later looked for a way to carry it out ...more

Bush: Always Too Little Too Late

Trudy Rubin - Philadelphia Inquirer - Apr 16th, 2007
The Bush White House seems driven by a secret doctrine that has gotten little public attention: The Doctrine of Two Years Too Late ...more

Bush is Walking in Nixon's Shadow

Adam Cohen - Rutland Herald - Apr 16th, 2007
U.S. vs. Nixon is the Supreme Court's major ruling on executive privilege: Presidents cannot simply declare what information is privileged ...more

Bush's Troop Support - Shipping their Dead Bodies Home FedEx

Editorial - Toledo Blade - Apr 16th, 2007
The bodies of troops were unloaded from a commercial flight with a forklift. The remains were then turned over to relatives in a warehouse ...more

A Whole Lot of Stupid Going On

Leonard Pitts JR - Seattle Times - Apr 16th, 2007
In this school, coarseness is its own justification, rudeness its own reward. One pushes the boundaries because they are there ...more

The Democrats' New Direction

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid - Orlando Sentinel - Apr 16th, 2007
Our troops and our citizens cannot afford to remain in an Iraqi civil war when the fifth anniversary of Baghdad's fall comes round next April ...more


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