Sunday, May 13, 2007


Here are 3 links to interesting and must see/hear programs.

1. "Buying the War" by Bill Moyers at
Recently, Bill Moyers Journal returned to PBS. To see previous shows,
including this one, click on the link above, click archive, and
scroll down to April 23 (Buying the War). It is a MUST SEE! (90

2. On Air America recently, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. had Greg Palast on
discussing the significance of the recently fired prosecutors
and "caging lists" in elections. Listen at
(17 minutes) Click link above, click Continue to,
scroll down in "RFK" article to 'Hear Kennedy" and click here.
   Palast wrote in his book, "Here's how the scheme worked. The Bush
campaign mailed out letters," particularly targeting African-American
soldiers sent overseas. When the letters sent to the home addresses
of the soldiers came back "undeliverable" because the servicemen were
in Baghdad or elsewhere, the Republican Party would, "challenge the
voter's registration and thereby prevent their absentee ballots being
  The Republicans successfully challenged "at least one million"
votes of minority voters in the 2004 election.
  Kennedy, a voting rights attorney, fumed, "What he [Griffin] did
was absolutely illegal and he should be in jail. Instead [Griffin]
was rewarded with the US Attorney's office." Listen at

3. We have a tendency to think all evangelicals are conservatives.
Recently, many progressive evangelicals have started to have their
voice be heard. Here is a site that has progressive evangelical talk
radio. Listen at Click on this link,
click streaming, click play on the program of interest.


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